So how does Get Loose compare on price?

It can be a challenge for any small independent shop to compete on price with the supermarkets. They can buy in much larger quantities and sell some of the most popular items at cost price to attract customers in. Sometimes called a “loss leader”. 

Our competitive edges are;

  • Fully organic / wild or foraged on our food items.

  • We research products to ensure they meet the shop values so you don’t have to. 

  • Providing many items packaging free and the rest plastic free.

  • Being able to buy what you need not what the packet dictates, reducing waste.

  • A lovely shopping experience.

  • Friendly helpful volunteers.

  • Helping change the food system from the inside.

  • Supporting small independent producers / cooperatives wherever we can. 

  • Reducing the temptation to buy highly processed foods (we don’t stock any!)

Gravity Dispensers Oats & Museli .jpg

BUT we appreciate that for many people price is the most important factor in choosing where, and how, to shop. We also want to be honest about our prices. Our website does not currently have all the prices listed due to the amount of work involved for our volunteers in ensuring this is kept up to date. If there are items you would like to know the cost of, in advance of visiting, please do contact us by email, or social media, using the icons at the bottom of the page.

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Note: all prices for this article were correct as of September 2019. Supermarket own brand organic range used where possible, or closest branded alternative.