Flit between London & the West. Work for a software start-up and spend most of my time playing, watching or boring on about some sort of sport. Slow but steady eco-convert.

How did you find out about Get Loose?

My wife visited Hackney City Farm and spotted the shop, and we visited that weekend with a huge stack of tupperware and bought everything!

What is your role and what does it involve?

I do a lot of behind the scenes IT stuff - website administration, finance & stock reporting and so on. The hours I work wouldn't really be conducive to volunteering during the shop working hours, and this way I can contribute using my digital skills in my available time.

Why do you love Get Loose?

I love that there are more and more bulk, loose food options in London appearing all the time. Get Loose was one of the first I came across and still stands out as excellent value for money and having some products which I haven't found anywhere else.

What is your favourite product and why?

I probably get through about 2kg of jasmine rice a month and buy as much of it as I can carry, so probably that, but I also love some of the more unusual dried options like carlin peas, sesame mince & split fava beans. My wife also gets annoyed if I come home without a stego (chocolate covered date).

If you could promote Get Loose on a Tube advert what would you say?

I love a pun, so probably some sort of set of dreadful tube-stations-as-Get-Loose-products jokes. Chickpeacadilly Circus? Nutting Hill Gate? Hyde Park Cornetti?