“I got started working as a software developer when my partner and I first arrived in London twenty years ago. I’ve lived a fairly uneventful life, so this winter I’m going to build a mini-furnace in my garden where I can have a go at metal casting.”

How did you find out about Get Loose?

My partner attends Zen meditation sessions at the farm so she’s been bringing back dried mango, dates and grains for some time now.

What is your role and what does it involve?

I’ve been doing a weekly three hour shift at the shop. I’ll either be on the till or refilling the self-service hoppers. Once the shop’s closed I’ll work with the other volunteer putting excess stock in the store-room, cleaning any spillages on the shelves, and sweeping-up. 

Why do you love Get Loose?

I work from home and it’s pretty solitary. By coming to Get Loose I get a complete change of scene: face-to-face interaction with lots of people and a chance to work with tangible things like sacks of oats.  I also get to make going to a bulk shop part of my weekly routine, a break from the easy option, my local Tesco Metro. There’s also the deep satisfaction of being involved with a shop that is helping to establish a more conscionable form of consumption.

What is your favourite product and why?

Is it possible to rhapsodise about a white block of bland meat substitute? Hell yeah! The tofu comes in a sturdy, red-lidded glass jar. Each time I open my fridge door, I get the satisfaction of seeing the tofu bobbing gently in the ebb of its watery home like an exotic specimen. Sort-of similar to having a live carp swimming in your bathtub, but more humane. Then there’s the pleasurable impatience that overcomes me when I’ve dollopped onto a bowl of steaming rice; dice-sized tofu pieces fried together with garlic, onion and Lingham chilli sauce.

If you could promote Get Loose on Tube advert what would you say?

Photo:  A person’s arm handcuffed to a supermarket shelf with a supermarket camera on the ceiling above them.

Headline: Maybe they are called supermarket chains for a reason?

Text: Get Loose will free you from the supermarket spell. Food that’s kinder to the environment and better for growers. We care!