Lives in Stratford, East London. A sustainability blogger who envisions a disposable-plastic free city. Changing the food system from the inside at Get Loose Foods, challenges rail companies on water fountains, book swap guardian and loves a litter pick.

 How did you find out about Get Loose?

I write a sustainability blog (littlegreenduckie.com) and have a passion for issues around food, ethical shopping, zero-waste living etc. Friends tend to tell me about things they have found. One told me about the shop and living just over the border in Newham, I made sure to come and visit. The sign in the window said they needed volunteers and I wanted to see how I could help.

What is your role?

In October 2018 I started helping in the shop most weeks and also ensured Get Loose was listed on as many Zero Waste shopping lists and blog posts as I could. It helped I have a blog post on where to shop packaging free in London, and beyond, so I already knew about many of the lists and had a few contacts. 

I am now the Assistant Shop Manager & Volunteer coordinator. Setting up and running the shop on a Thursday, updating the website, managing the social media volunteers, creating content for product spotlights, researching new products and anything else that may help raise the shop profile! 

Why do you love Get Loose?

The values of Get Loose match my own personal values of ethical, fair and sustainable. Jacki and the team are all amazing to work with, so much creativity and energy for our mission to help change the food system. Plus our customers never cease to bring me joy with the wonderful conversations we have. I love sending a customer away with a new found understanding of how / where an item of their shopping was made / grown. 

What is your favourite product and why? 

If I can have a section of products it would be our beans and pulses. They are so versatile, tasty, cheap, great for helping increase your fibre intake (most of us are not meeting the recommended amount!) and so many more are being grown in the UK. 

If you could promote Get Loose on Tube advert what would you say?

Get Loose

Organic and plastic free

Radical food shopping, ditching the supermarket and changing the food system from the inside.